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Our United Nations bulletproof helmets are for United Nations clients and the members of the press. (Press versions come with “PRESS” written on the sides). We produce these helmets in the UN Blue used in most countries 

UN Blue typically used in Africa. If you are looking to purchase helmets, this is the place to purchase them or request a quote for bulk manufacturing.

Lightweight: NIJ IIIA+ armor helmets with ballistic shells that only weigh 2.8 pounds. One of the lightest in the industry.

Incredible stopping power: Can stop the same ammunition as a level 3A police or military vest. (44 Magnum, 9mm, 45 cal, 40 cal, 38, 12 gauge slug, buckshot, and many more!)

Tested beyond the latest NIJ standards: Rated for multiple bullet impacts and rated for higher level threats than the current NIJ 0106.01 standards.

Only the highest quality materials: Built with the exact materials and craftsmanship we use for police, civilian, and military clients. 360 degree all-weather coating keeps water, dust, and sand out of the helmets ballistic core for an extended lifespan.

Completely adjustable: Easily adjustable ratchet headband with auto-lock, 4 point chin straps that are fully adjustable with a leather chin grip, adjustable padding and multiple of padding with varying thickness make sure any soldier can use these helmets comfortably.

Nylon side rail

Velcro Kit for Patches

Helmet NVG Mount Shroud


Advanced high and mid-cut ballistic shell made from high-end molded.

Helmet by Tatou Armor Made by UHMWPE LEVEL IIIA

The memory foam pads inside the helmet conform to the shape of your head
in 2–3 seconds and provide comfort and protection from blunt force

Arc Rails

Made of high-impact polymer for lights, LED. Mini bungee cords to stabilize devices. Can easily replace suspension, padding, buckles, and chin strap with equivalent model products, helping to customize the helmet to your mission set-up

Suspension System

Suspension System equipped with steel cable coated with a protective coating, can be adjusted and released with one hand. The Lux Liner provides one-piece full coverage impact layer with modular pads, designed for shockwave attenuation.

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Alexandre Du Ruisseau

Great products and excellent service!

Joel Brazzoni

Excellent customer service, great communication

Jay Johnson

The guy I dealt with was amazing and got me sorted before I head to Ukriane in 2 weeks. Thanks bud !!

Dan G

Great Helmet. I was expecting it to be heavier, but its light enough that i can wear it for long periods without getting a headache or feeling like my neck is compressing. I love it!

John. S

Let me just say - I LOVE my Recon SF of Tatou Armor helmet. Setting it up for my needs was easy and i feel that i can trust my life to this helmet. Shipping was super fast and their top notch customer service answered all my questions. Good people. Good Armor.

William. F

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