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Tatou Armor's Non-Ballistic Trauma Pads are an added layer to protect you from injuries from back face deformation in conjunction with wearing our body armor.

Our 10x12" SAPI trauma pads weight 130grams and are 0.25" thick. Other sizes on demand.

These specially engineered pads absorb impact energy and provide comfort when wearing our body armor panels. The microcellular urethane foam that has been long trusted in sports impact protection has an extremely low compression set. The materials are high density and flexible.

  • Size: 10×12"
  • Cut:Higher cut/SAPI style shape
  • Thichness: .25″ thin
  • Weight: 130 grams
  • Material: microcellular urethane
  • Made in the USA with US made materials

Sold in SET 

Made in the USA with US made materials. 

*Our pads are NON-BALLISTIC. They offer no increase in ballistic protection.