How we found the information on body armor law


1. Look at lists already posted online of the breakdown of regulation for both Canada and the USA
2. Conduct an initial search focused on the states that were highlighted as having more stringent requirements. How?
a) We searched online for official sources for the mentioned information.
b) We reached out to different legislative bodies to verify information. For example, we reached out to the RCMP to check on body armor regulation. They mentioned that it is out of their jurisdiction but recommended the site CanLII to us.
3. Build the structure we wanted to show the information.
4. Build out our information one state/province at a time. At first, we tried to use AI tools to do this but there was quite a lot of mistakes thus we had to do it the good old fashion way, by using our own brains.
a) We wanted to highlight the right to own and purchase.
b) We also wanted to provide as many official or good sources as possible
5. After that, we reviewed it all once more
6. Once more again
7. Maybe one more time but we can’t recall that.