D3O Halo Helmet Liner 1"

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The D3O Halo (Delta Three Oscar Halo™) Helmet Liner System is the lightest, most ventilated, comfortable helmet liner to exceed ACH Blunt Impact Requirements (AR/PD 10-2). Halo is 25% lighter, making it the lightest ACH 10fps suspension system, than the next best helmet liner on the market which means you can shed weight while reducing trauma. Designed with the end user comfort fit in mind with 37% pure comfort foam all this to guarantee the best-in-class short and long term comfort. The comfort foam has been scientifically developed to provide a familiar plush, full coverage fit and is wrapped in premium MILSPEC anti-microbial working fabrics. And it only comes in at 80g.


D3O Halo features 12 integrated airflow channels that help circulate the air in between the end-user's head and the helmet shell which helps:

  • Prevent moisture accumulation
  • Prevent sweat build-up and reduce chance of sweat dripping in the user's eye
  • Maintain comfort foam at an optimal stiffness


D3O Halo's crown pad has been designed with a permanent headset band recess and strategically placed flex grooves to allow the pad to conform to the headset when used


Halo exceeds the AR/PD 10-02 requirements by 33%, averaging <100g across all conditions in the most challenging liner-shell configurations. Boasting the same overall impact performance as competitors in a 25% lighter weight package while offering a much more consistent behavior across impact locations/temperatures.


D3O's all new thermodynamic formulation allows the Halo liner to get stiffer at hotter temperatures than cold which counteracts the behavior of the shell material preventing failure-prone super-soft or super-stiff shell-liner impact events. Halo shows an average of only 14g between cold and hot conditions which is a 67% improvement to any other product on market.


Comes in Medium/Large and Large/XL Compatible with most Aramid and PE ACH, LW-ACH- MICH, ECH and LWH type shells Comes in 1" thick Premium anti-bacterial treated, moisture wicking MILSPEC fabrics

The World’s Lightest, Most Ventilated, Comfortable Helmet Liner to Exceed ACH Blunt Impact

Once you go D3O you'll never go back.


The World’s Lightest, Most Ventilated, Comfortable Helmet Liner to Exceed ACH Blunt Impact Requirements

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