New York

Restrictions Based on Convictions: Yes but on all individuals as well, except those from certain professions.

Effective July 6, 2022, when not being engaged or employed in an eligible profession, the purchase, taking possession of, sale, exchange, giving or disposing of body armor is prohibited.  People engaged or employed in eligible professions. 

To get the most updated list of eligible professions please refer to the official state website or click here, the information can be found towards the bottom of the site. 

Documentation or Licensing: All individuals and entities must present proof of engagement in an eligible profession when purchasing or taking possession of body armor.

Proof of engagement in an eligible profession may be satisfied by submission to the seller of a professional license issued by a federal, state or local government; employment card or other credential issued by an employer, or in the absence of the foregoing, submission to the seller of a form approved by the Department of State that is notarized, verifying that the purchaser is engaged in an eligible profession. 

Where to Purchase: No sale or delivery of body armor shall be permitted unless the transferee meets in person with the transferor to accomplish such sale or delivery, except for federal, state or local government agencies purchasing body armor to furnish them to employees in eligible professions.

Official Government Source: New York state website